About me

Colour motivates me to reach for my paintbrushes and tubes of luscious oil paints and I can think of no better place to find colour than in flowers.
I’ve painted off and on all my life, but work, family commitments and house restorations meant that my art had to take a back seat for long periods.

Just before lockdown I treated myself to a painting course and was inspired to paint again. The lockdown days which followed were perfect for me to really concentrate on my art and rediscover my passion for it.

Now I love to paint almost every day - mainly flowers, but occasionally I’m attracted to other (sometimes odd) things I see around me. I enjoy the feeling of soft oil paints, which suit my impressionist style and can lose myself for hours in a painting, seeking and exaggerating colours.

At home in Lincolnshire, most of my inspiration comes from my garden, and I look forward to each and every flower blooming.

I have exhibited my work in solo exhibitions and in many group exhibitions, and have also won awards for several paintings.